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About Us

Wattmaster markets and distributes many well-known brands of hand tools, storage systems, screwdrivers, cable glands and conduits and fittings. A range of electrician's tools, instruments and consumables have been selected with the tradesperson in mind encompassing products from cable cutting tools through to safety products such as test tags and safety mats.

Products in our range meet or exceed our very stringent quality control criteria. You can order from this range in the knowledge and confidence that the same standards you have come to expect from our tools also apply to the full range of Wattmaster products.

Well respected brands in the Wattmaster range include:

  • Marvel - hand tools, multigrips, crimpers, pliers
  • Rola-case - storage systems and parts, quick kits, Rola-shelves
  • Witte- screwdrivers, accessories
  • ALCO- glands, conduit, fittings
  • Anaconda- conduit, fittings

Alco was the first brand to provide a comprehensive range of Metal Cable Glands designed in Australia to meet Australian and International Standards. Alco premium quality cable glands are manufactured to comply with the requirements of the new AS/NZS 60079.2000 (equivalent to IEC 60079/1998) as applicable, which came into effect on 26/04/2000. To maintain the high product integrity of the Alco glands, strict controls are exercised for the raw materials being used. These are specified below:

The base material for all Alco metal glands is high quality nickel coated brass. All seals are of first grade material, machine moulded, with an operating temperature of +80°C or higher. Entry threads are METRIC. Alco’s nickel plated finish maintains their lead in a quality finish, which has great resistance to corrosive atmospheres and abrasion.

With the ever changing requirements for gland performance, particularly in Hazardous Area applications, Alco continues to develop their glands to meet the stringent performance requirements of modern industry. Alco has completed a re-design of the range to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 60079 and 61241.1, and the new range has numerous benefits:

  • All Armoured cable glands come with a weatherproof seal rated to 300kPa (IP66/68-30m)
  • The range of cables each gland will accept has increased. Alco achieves this by providing multiple seals. This greatly reduces the chance of cable size variations requiring a change of gland.
  • All metal glands now come with a fibre washer and plated locknut in the one kit, avoiding the need to order and stock multiple items.
  • Hazardous area glands now have the extended seals (20mm or longer) required for more effective gas sealing. The seals meet the requirements of the current Australian and International Standards.
  • All ranges of metal glands have a reduced number of glands to cover the same range of cable sizes. This makes selection simpler and reduces inventory.
  • Alco has added a new range to the metal gland offering. The 'EMC' range is for use with metal screened cables, and provides a low resistance contact between screen and earth. The glands are designed for use with taped or braided screened cables used in conjunction with Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s).
  • Installation – Glands must be installed in accordance with the requirements of the relevant Australian or international standard/s. In particular, glands in hazardous areas must be approved for the type of application.