Voltage Tester 690V AC/DC CAT IV 300V CAT III 690V

Part Number: WATEL-1500B

About this product

  • The WATEL-1500B is a new, small and handy tester with 3 features:
  • Voltage test 12-690 V AC / DC, 2-pole with LED indication
  • Test with both audible and visual indication
  • This meter also has phase indication
  • The tester has clever test probes with 19mm spacing to fit directly into most sockets and enables one-hand operation
  • The instrument has no buttons and switches automatically between the different functions to prevent wrong operation
  • The WATEL-1500B uses standard batteries, and to ensure high safety, voltage indication is active even without batteries
  • The WATEL-1500B fulfills IP54 protection and meet IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 300V and CAT III 690V and EN 61243-3:2010