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Thin Wall Glue Lined Heatshrink


Heatshrink is ideally used for heavy duty and general purpose use i.e. electrical insulation, termination, splicing, bundling, cable protection and strain relief. Thin wall glue lined heatshrink will also make a waterproof seal between cable sheath and heatshrink tube.
Suitable for waterproof cable joints and terminations. Diameters from 1 to 125mm.
Low shrink temperature and flame retardant
Flexible and UV resistant
RoHS Compliant
UV Stable glue lining
High reduction (3:1) tubing
Black colour only
Material: Polyolefin
Operating Temperature: -45°C - 125°C
Shrink Temperature: ? 95°C


Min Inside Diameter As Supplied:9.5 mm